Bat For Lashesin uusi albumi "Two Suns" menestyy maailmalla.

Tummahiuksinen nainen mustaa taustaa vasten. Naisella hihaton valkoinen paita, kaulassa mauton metallikoru ja kädet pään päällä hiusten seassa. Kuvassa Natasha Khan

Bat For Lashesin ( keskiviikkona 8. huhtikuuta julkaistu “Two Suns“ -albumi on noussut Britannian albumilistan sijalle #5 ja iTunes UK -listan sijalle #1. Natasha Khan on vastuussa suurimmaksi osaksi uuden “Two Suns” -albuminsa musiikista ja laulun lisäksi hän on soittanut useita eri instrumentteja levyllään. 11 kappaleen levyllä on ollut avustamassa Yeasayer sekä Scot Walker, joka myös duetoi Khanin kanssa päätöskappaleella “The Big Sleep”. Käy kuuntelemassa EMIn jukeboxista “Daniel”-sinkku!

“Two Suns” -albumi on saanut erinomaisia levyarvioita

  • An extraordinary, devastating album that haunts like a dream and cuts like a knife. You must buy it, now. (Pisteet 5/5, Sunday Times “Pop CD of the Week”)
  • ‘Two Suns’ is set to make Khan one of 2009’s stars… a fantastic package. (Pisteet 4/5, Observer Music Monthly “Album of the Month”)
  • An album that really is quite exceptional. (Pisteet 4/5, Telegraph “Pop CD of the Week”)
  • This is music of a higher quality, the work of an artist communicating meaningful ideas, superbly realised and delivered… Big up Batty girl! (Pisteet 4/5, The Mirror “CD of the Week”)
  • A sensationally assured return. (Pisteet 4/5, The Times “Album of the week”)
  • ‘Two Suns’ is the sound of an artist on the cusp of something very special. (Pisteet 4/5, Mixmag “Album of the month”)
  • ‘Two Suns’ is an intoxicating, addictive album, a step up from Fur And Gold and a leap into a galaxy of its very own. (Pisteet 4/5, Q)
  • ‘Two Suns’ melds organic and synthetic sound with obsessive detail and endless rewards (Word)
  • Ornate, atmospheric music. (Mojo)
  • ‘Two Suns’ is fantastic as well as fantastical. (Pisteet 4/5, The Guardian)
  • It’s obvious that her star is rising. (Pisteet 4/5, News of the World)
  • ‘Two Suns’ is a brilliant pop album… epic in scope and ambition, If this year’s Mercury panel know their arse from their Elbow, this could be her time. (Pisteet 8/10, NME)
  • Khan pitches listeners into a lush mysterious otherworld so intoxicating, it’s like being smothered in opium-soaked velvet. (Pisteet 4/6, Time Out)
  • ‘Two Suns’ is a triumphant return from Bat for Lashes. (Music Week)
  • Khan’s poetic vocals sound emboldened, intricately fusing styles from folk and gospel to electronica and gothic pop. (Metro)
  • Bewitching and inventive… something dark and exotic and fascinating lurks at the heart of even the poppiest songs. (Alexis Petridis, GQ)
  • Haunting, stellar and oh-so-cool… Two Suns sits incongruously but confidently in mainstream pop. (Esquire)
  • This is a beautiful and worthy follow-up. (The Fly)
  • A perfect listen… a possible contender for the Mercury prize again. (Pisteet 8/10, Rocksound)
  • Stunning stuff. (Pisteet 4/5, Record Collector)
  • Natasha Khan creates uncompromising, heartbreaking music. (Pisteet 8/10, Clash)
  • Beautifully spooky. (Pisteet 8/10, Vice)
  • A huge leap up from 2006’s ‘Fur & Gold’, watch this fly. (Elle)
  • It’s haunting, sweet and has a truly unique sound. (Pisteet 4/5, Glamour)
  • ‘Two Suns’ pulsates with a pop energy. (Harpers Bazaar)
  • A delectable treat for the eyes and ears. (Lauren Laverne, Grazia)
  • ‘Two Suns’ is a masterpiece. (Pisteet 5/5, Gay Times)
  • A triumph. (Pisteet 4.5/5, Attitude)

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