Opening today: the Nokia Music Store in France

  • Published 24.04.2008
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Paris, France — The Nokia Music Store in France combines quality music and exceptional mobile devices, all without sacrificing ease-of-use. It also offers over 2.5 million titles from the best French and international artists, of which some are available exclusively. Local music is very important in France, where more than 60% of songs on the “Hit Parade” hits list are by local artists. Nokia is working with major record companies as well as independent labels and the top local artists.

The music industry isn’t just about selling songs; it is also — and especially — a way to share new musical experiences. Nokia aims to provide the best music experience by building services into its mobile devices to satisfy users who want to be able to access their music collections anytime, anywhere, and for a reasonable price, explains Eric Munier, music activities manager, Nokia France.